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At Archon Protection, we believe in investing toward the well-being of our security personnel. By giving them opportunities to assume greater responsibility while compensating them accordingly, we are able to significantly reduce employee turnover while improving the over quality of our personnel's moral, job satisfaction, and work ethic.


Putting a deep interest in the well-being of each member of our team has reflected an abundance of positive feedback as a company who prides itself on customer service. We believe that a happy employee will lead to a happy customer experience.



Archon Protection, Inc. is a Southern California based company that offers comprehensive security solutions based on effective planning and execution. As we continue expanding from our headquarters in Ventura County, our main focus is to collaborate with Real Estate Investment Trusts, Homeowners Associations and Commercial Property Managers who are seeking an up-scale and innovative firm, like Archon Protection, to provide a reputable service to help protect and secure their communities. 
By providing our team with a positive work environment, we are able to hold each of our security personnel to high expectations of communication, consistency, and quality. 
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